“Ms. Bencivenga and her team are extremely knowledgeable in the various export and import regulations.  They provide support to us in licensing, compliance and auditing activities to include assistance with complex ITAR agreement preparation.  They have an excellent reputation with the various federal government agencies and we consider her firm to be one of our most valued in the field of export and import compliance.”

Scott Jackson
GE Aviation

schneider-optics“Our company has a unique product line.  Most of our precision optics are fabricated in Germany and distributed throughout North America via our U.S. division, Schneider Optics, Inc.  In addition, Schneider manufactures optics and filters here in the USA and distributes them both here in the States and exports worldwide. Our company needed to be ITAR Certified as well as functioning under all of the trade compliance rules. We quickly sought out a professional consultant that would be able to lead us from start to finish through the various procedures.  We chose Ms. Bencivenga based on her sound reputation and very impressive resume. She quickly learned our products, types of customers and distribution issues and took our company through all that was required to be fully ITAR Certified.  Ms. Bencivenga created our Corporate Trade Compliance Manual and required customized forms. I highly recommend Ms. Bencivenga to any company with trade requirements to include specifically compliance with the ITAR.  She is a delight to work with, professional and proficient.”

Stuart W. Singer
Vice President
Schneider Optics, Inc.