Since 2008, Inventus Power, has worked with Lisa Bencivenga, LLC to support auditing and training needs associated with Export Control Reform, product classification and to obtain export authorizations both per the International Traffic in Arms Regulations and the Export Administration Regulations.

U.S. export laws and regulations are often complex; however, Lisa Bencivenga and her staff have continually shown an outstanding level of knowledge about the regulations and how they need to be applied to our products, business practices and international activities. The team is experienced, professional and responsive and I would recommend reaching out to Lisa Bencivenga, LLC for your business’s licensing and compliance requirements.

Steven P. DeMik
Program Manager of Government Programs & Support (GPS)
Inventus Power

Lisa Bencivenga’s expert knowledge and guidance simplifies what can often be a very intimidating process in understanding the ITAR and EAR export compliance regulations. Lisa will take the time not only to give a complete overview of the regulations, but also take the time to learn what her clients facility does and how the regulations affect their business. Lisa has helped our organization with numerous license and agreement applications, product re-classifications and overall grasp a better understanding of the regulations. Our questions/ issues are always effectively addressed in a timely manner. I would highly recommend her for anyone who needs a deeper understanding of export compliance regulations.

Nicole Figueroa
Sales Manager/ International Trade Compliance
HiRel Connectors Inc.