Training Requirements & Presentations

Customized to fit the size, activity, products, and services for your organization. Annual export compliance training has become supplemented with specialized functional organization training and become an industry standard.

Developing and Enforcing Written Compliance Policies & Procedures

Critical to ensuring employees understand the steps they need to take within your company to comply with the various laws and regulations. Reduce your risk of potential export and import violations that can result in fines and penalties.

Export/Import Authorization Support

Includes preparing, submitting, tracking status, and implementation of export approvals is provided to our clients. Preparing export applications can be complex and confusing. Our company understands these issues and provides assistance to ensure your export and import applications are accurate, complete, and meet the requirements of the various U.S. government agencies.

Gap Assessments & Audits

In your export and import program are accomplished by conducting regular Gap Assessments & Audits. Our process includes preliminary, on-site, and follow-up recommendations that will provide your company with the knowledge and insight to assist you in developing a robust compliance program.